Leandro - A sweet boy, who braves the mean streets of Rio in constant search of beauty and a peaceful moment.

Raphael with dog "Rex" - Sharing a turbulent Rio sky.

This is a quick "Look-See" at Dame Margot Fonteyn underneath my Gold Pin, Named Bologna Maroney.  More On This Story Later.

My father, B.T. - known as The Joy Boy - fighting for custody of his eight children in Divorce Court.  Each of my siblings said they wanted to live with

both Mama and Daddy.  Parents cause such confusion in their children's lives.

Renan - A Rio homeless street artist, who dreams of a better life.

My "Stories From The Heart" come from the tumultuous journeys I have lived through in my life.  Those journeys are sometimes difficult to recall, other times they come with a good wash of laughter but more often than not they come with the acceptance that "This is Life," and you just have to push on with as much "grace" that you can muster.   As my mind tends to wander here and there , I allow my memories and images to come as they wish and I try to  back them them up with as much documentation as I can find.  To The World Community, I say, "if I didn't always do my best I am truly regretful because I believe we each must try to partake in things that will help the world to be a better place for all people." As I engage in this wandering journey of

opening up, of letting go, and hopefully of finding new meaning - I trust you will all bear with me, for  "I Am The Melody Of The UnSung Child."  I am still searching for that illusive Harmony.

The photos of the Rio de Janeiro Homeless Kids on this page are some of the children I am working with when I am in Brazil.  I will be updating their stories and many

many other stories from my Rio website:

www.ediekins.org in the near future. Please contact me (404) 556-7163 with any questions.